About a year ago I received a call from a tenant letting me know they bought a house and were going to move.  This wonderful family had taken care of my property for over 5 years, fixing small things and really never any trouble in anyway.  In a selfish way, I did not want to lose tenants like these but it was great to see a responsible family move into homeownership.

As always, I gave them my requirements for moving out right away.  During my walk through I had never seen one of my properties in the last 20 years so clean and perfect at move out.  In fact, after 5 years you would think the property would require new carpet or paint, but this home was truly move-in ready.  I was so impressed that I got out my checkbook to give them their full deposit back.  I wanted them to know how thankful I was.  I wrote Tom a check for $1100.00 and proudly handed it over to him right on the spot.  To my surprise Tom told me the check total was wrong.  This was strange, as I always required deposits that were equal to one month’s rent, in this case, $1100.00.  He reminded me that 5 years ago, I only required a $500.00 deposit; I almost gave away $600!  Tom returned the check to me and we made it right.

I will admit that I am getting old, but 5 years is a long time.  So where did I go wrong?  My property file was at my office in a filing cabinet somewhere.  We had moved our offices a few times and in my laziness, I did not go looking through all my filing cabinets to double check my lease and the deposit.  To be honest, I dreaded scouring through a stack of manila folders which I never really liked anyway as they all look the same.

The great news is when I built Rent Perfect, I decided I was going to say “good bye and good riddance” to filing cabinets full of those lookalike folders and instead have everything related to my rental properties available on my phone, at my fingertips, year after year.  With that as our goal, our team went to work and developed a system that provides you instant access to:

  • Online Rental Application
  • Tenant Credit and Criminal Reports
  • Lease
  • Renters Insurance Policy
  • Rent Pay Data
  • And more to come…

Now I never have to worry about making a costly mistake again.  With Rent Perfect I have my whole property file right on my phone, easy to access and simple to use.   If you are like me, and not the best with the manila folder thing, come relax and know that at Rent Perfect we make it easy to be a professional landlord with online, full-time access to the important documents you need to successfully manage your growing portfolio. 


David Pickron

Chief Investigator



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